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When you think of Palm Beach, I’ll bet the first thing, or even the third or fourth thing, to come to mind is not bookstores. Mansions, old …



A local book store is getting copies shipped in and they have a special connection to President Donald Trump.


Today’s digital video games might be feasts for the eye but beautiful games aren’t a new…



Candice Cohen has been running the Palm Beach Bookstore for 24 years, a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself, if only because booksellers have had to cope with more frenzied change in the last 20 years than in the previous 100 years.


Tucked in between Testa’s and Nick & Johnnie’s, there’s a tiny nook of a book emporium that’s nothing short of charming.


Independent bookstores are so important, and the Palm Beach Book Store is one of the best. – The Palm Beach Post