Book Signing

                  Wednesday, November 13,                                Book: How To Complain When                      There’s Nothing To Complain                          About
                  Author: Susan Goldfein
                  5:30 P.M – 6:30 P.M
                  At The Palm Beach Book Store   

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HOW TO COMPLAIN, Susan’s second volume of essays, should give her audience nothing to complain about. If you are expecting insightful, relatable, and snark-filled glimpses into the foibles of ordinary events, she does not disappoint. Following on the heels of her award-winning first book, How Old Am I in Dog Years?, she continues to find irony and humor in the everyday. Susan spares no punches as she tackles such topics as marriage, the indignities of aging, social norms, and Barry Manilow fan shaming. She candidly questions the need for electric toilet bowls, and why anyone would want to try an anti-wrinkle cream made from an artichoke. This fresh collection of essays will appeal to women across generations, as well as men brave enough to discover what really makes the other half tick.

About the Author:  SUSAN GOLDFEIN turned to writing as a second career, following her retirement as Doctor Susan, speech pathologist, professor, and consultant. A staunch advocate for reinvention at any age, she vows to continue chronicling the third act of life with wisdom and wit, as long as she can remember where she left her glasses. Her essays have appeared in The Palm Beach Post and Hearst Publications. She writes a monthly humor column for the Florida-based newspaper Lifestyles after 50, as well as the Vegas Voice in Nevada, and is a syndicated columnist with other publications for the senior market. Visit